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2021 Dues and Fundraising

Hello, Pack 64 Families!

We got through a tough year with scouting but made it out on the other end together.  The committee is excited to see our scouts making rank, and we are ready to start planning next year!

Here are some updates for the upcoming scouting year: 

Dues:  We as a committee reduced dues when the pandemic hit to help our families.  We were happy to help.  Since fundraising was difficult during the last year, we need to make some adjustments again.

Dues will increase per scout for 2021-2022 scouting year.  The Committee has voted to the following breakdown.  Considering this covers the program for a year, we feel this is still a great value to our families.

Returning Scouts/Member Transfers: $150.00 for the year

·      $66 goes towards Boy Scouts of America National Membership Fees

·      $12 for Boys Life Magazine- Monthly Subscription

·      $50 Pack and Den Fees

·      $22 Awards

·      All Activities will be out of pocket for 2021-2022 year

*New Members: $150.00 plus $25 new member fee (One time only)

   Total for NEW members will be $175.00

Recruiting:  If you know any families that are interested in joining the Pack 64 family, please contact Amy Gier at:   

Fundraising:  The Committee has decided to bring back mandatory fundraising per scout

This means each scout will sell popcorn or chocolate to help fundraise for the pack and for their own scouting account.  Look for a survey to fill out giving scouts the opportunity to buy out immediately or choose selling.  There will be show and sells available for scouts to utilize, more to come on that.  

We will start fundraising this summer to get money going into the scouts accounts and help offset dues in the fall.

Volunteers:  WE NEED YOU!  This program will only get better for your scout if you jump in and help out!  Please reach out to me if you and others are interested in helping!  

We are looking for:

·      Fundraising Chair (multiple people please)  NEED NOW

·      Secretary (Kathy will be moving on after next year)

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